Welcome to My Website!

I am blessed and intrigued to ...


This blog is/will be chaotic, trying not to remain such for a long time. It will kaleidoscopically gather my reality* bits (sic).


The confessions of an unstructured mind

What I want to experience and see is the invisible hand of structure arranging this blog’s particles (ideas, texts, quotes, word sparks etc.) As an elaborate excuse as this may sound (probably even to me when years pass by), I really believe my blog realm should start from chaos and consistently structure itself on its own. I do not want to impose any pre-arranged order, I want it to emerge :) and we’ll see if that’s possible – a structured blog to emerge from the confessions of an unstructured mind …

* Fragments of  my life’s puzzle: writing, content strategies,  copywriting, Google + addict, Aristotle fan, U2 lover, jazz admirer, healthy eating explorer,  I-will-soon-start-learning-Italian, ex Latin teacher, Leo … )

The chance of a chaos

If you decide to stay throughout the emersion, this is not gonna be the structured blog you expect to see, but rather a messy, though trying to get to know each fragment’s direction and purpose, place. Honestly, chaotic is my first nature, and yes I do have a second, neatly framed one, but as this is a new place here, I want it to evolve into structure, rather than start from structure.

And also what matters here is not me, but my posts, so I really want to give them the chance of a chaos.